10 On 10: Stories Of Cancer Survivors

Author, columnist and editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, Raksha Bharadia released her latest book earlier this year in July. Titled 10 on 10 (10/10), her captivating coffee table book chronicles the journey of 10 cancer survivors from different walks of life. The book launch was organised by Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation on occasion of World Head and Neck Cancer Day. Bharadia thoughtfully incorporated distinctive stories told by different people because just like each person’s diagnosis is different, so is every individual’s fight against the disease and his tale of survival. The narratives are accompanied by extraordinary images and insights into the patients’ victorious battle against cancer.

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One of the most heartwarming survivor stories was that of Hemant Contractor and his wife Tarulata, a couple who beat cancer with their love and care for each other. Contractor was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008 and after prolonged chemotherapy sessions, he was declared cancer-free, but only for a short while. He had a relapse in 2013 and the shock was worsened when even Tarulata was diagnosed with oral cancer 5 months later. In their fight against cancer, they were each other’s support system, and that’s how they braved the situation.

Another soul-stirring tale of survival was that of the young cancer survivor, Moin, and his grandfather, Noor Mover. Says Mover, “Moin was 8 years old when a malignant tumour appeared on the right side of his neck.” Mover spent all his savings in two months for his grandson’s treatment. The treatment was successful and Moin is today a healthy young man, all of 22 years.

Bharadia said the book was an immersive collection of stories of cancer survivors, who are the real winners in every sense. “The word cancer brings only despair,” says Ahmedabad-based oncologist Dr Kaustubh Patel. “But now, with the advancement in medical technology, it can be rightly treated to provide better quality life to people.” These accounts of survivors will help more people fight the disease with a much better and positive attitude.

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