• 5 proven Cancer-causing foods you should stop eating right now

    You are what you eat! Fresh foods flourishing with nutrients when eaten in the right way ensures that you lead a healthy, disease-free life. But if your plate is filled with foods that do not come from an organic source and is impregnated with toxins, then every morsel of that food can be building a

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  • Diet and Cancer

    Diet and Cancer

    Cancer is a genetic disease caused by a mutation in the DNA. This mutation can be triggered by a range of factors; genetic inheritance, environmental factors, lifestyle choices and food preferences being the major contributors. Diet plays the role of a double sword in cancer. It can feed cancer or kill cancer. Several foods are

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  • Yoga and Cancer

    Yoga and Cancer

    Yoga is a branch of the 5000-year-old traditional Indian practice of medicine. It basically means unison of the mind, body and spirit in a perfect state of balance which helps one connect to their inner-self. The inner-self is free from fear and greed, unmoved by joys or sorrow. This encourages stillness, calmness, deep breathing and

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