An Admirer Of Life – Nitin Dhakne

Nitin Dhakne was affected with Buccal Mucosa Cancer since January 2007.He noticed a tumor on the right side of his Buccal Mucosa and approached his friend Dr.Kiran Pargaonkar to diagnose it. It’s Dr.Kiran who sent Nitin to Oncologist Dr.Sanjay Desmukh, who found he was affected with cancer. Treatment begins then itself, his tumour was operated and he undergone radio therapy. Nitin remembers that hard days which he suffered a lot. He had radiation burns on his face and surgical wounds which pains a lot. He was not allowed to take food, only juices palliate his hunger.

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Even though it was a though phase, he never felt helpless. He believed staying positive is essential to fight against cancer in an easy way. And that positivity helped him to survive from the disease to a great extent. At this moment, he thank his family for staying beside him always. He is grateful to almighty for gifting this new life. Cancer changed his perceptions of life – he understood the real worth of living. His advice to people who are trying to homicide their life for simple matters is,

“God has gifted such a precious life which once wasted can’t give you another chance. So, Live lively and make most of it”.

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