Cure Cancer Within 2 Hours States Researchers From University Of Texas

Researchers claim to have found a new method where cancer cells are injected with a chemical compound called nitrobenzaldehyde and then allowed to diffuse into the tissues. Later, they are subjected to beams that make it acidic. This helps in killing the cancer cells within 2 hours of time says researchers. It also approaches unreachable or faraway cells that cannot be dealt with the usual therapies.

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 On attracting the blood vessels the cancerous cells often latch themselves on it making the tumour larger. Thus, spreading the disease and increasing the symptoms to a critical stage. The advantage of this new method is that it prevents the cancerous cells from latching itself onto the blood vessels. Thus, being “non-invasive” Instead, the cells are made suicidal because of the acidic effect. According to the researchers, 95% of the cancerous cells fall dead within 2 hours.

Researchers have tested this method against triple negative breast cancer that are the most difficult to treat. But they have been proved successful after a series of attempts made by researcher Matthew Gdovin. He has also started to induce this chemical compound into drug resistant cells in order to make the discovery as strong as possible. Another attempt being made is the development of nanoparticles that can be injected into the body and targeted on metastasised cancer cells. These nanoparticles can be activated by using a certain wavelength of light that is harmless and can pass through skin, flesh and bones.

Let’s hope that these non- invasive methods would prove successful and cause relief to the cancer patients who have suffered for long the pain caused by chemotherapies as well as in children who are at the risk of gene mutations by prolonged exposure to radiation.

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