Faith Can Move Mountains, Says Cancer Survivor Bhupendra Tripathi

Bhupendra Tripathi has crossed more hurdles than most men. His life story is one of endurance and self-belief. The awe-inspiring story of how this warrior fought cancer and paralysis, and escaped from the brink of death is remarkable.

Tripathi had always been a bright kid in school. He not only excelled in academics but was an ardent participant in co-curricular activities. After scoring top marks in his school leaving examinations, he decided to build his career in the field of Information Technology.

Right after college, Tripathi started working for Tata Consultancy Services and was steadily working his way to the top.  After a few years, he was assigned a Finland-based project; right before he was about to take this major step in his career, tragedy struck. He collapsed in the washroom one day and could barely feel his legs. Diagnosis showed that he had had a paralytic attack. Further diagnosis revealed that he was suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), a type of blood cancer. The cancer had already spread across his vertebrae and several other organs. The doctors predicted a survival chance of 10% with only around a month to live.

However, optimism, willpower and prayers can take you a long way! Tripathi fought the deadly cancer with grit; after a year of therapy, he was declared cancer-free. His next aim was to overcome paralysis. With the help of physiotherapy, Tripathi regained his ability to walk. But his happiness was short-lived. Right after his successful battle with cancer and paralysis, Tripathi lost his vision. This left him shattered. But his encounter with his physiotherapist’s father, an English professor and classical musician, who lost his vision at the age of four, breathed new life into him.

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Today, Tripathi is a manager at the Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad. He finds solace in meditation and in reading ancient scriptures. A true adventurer, he plans to walk the 32 miles of rugged path around Mount Kailash and is currently training for the same.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. My message to cancer fighters is to always remember—we are all brave soldiers chosen by the divine. Have faith in yourself, for faith can move mountains. Your parents are your nearest form of divinity; their love and blessings are invaluable,” he says.

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