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This World Cancer Day, let us join hands and step forward to fight cancer. Zuvius Lifesciences would like to take the message of cancer awareness and prevention across to the youth of our nation. The Pink Street Campaign was launched with this objective in mind. Pink Street is an initiative to spread awareness about and to undo the myths about cancer among the youth in our country. As a part of the initiative, there will be campus visits and a two-day activity in the campuses.

Every year, about 7 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer. An estimated 2.5 million people are affected by cancer in this country. The cancer-related death count stands at 5,56,400 as of now. But cancer, like almost every illness, can be averted to a large extent. The elixir to avoiding this illness is seemingly simple: healthy living! Early screening, detection, and treatment can significantly reduce cancer-related death rate.

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The Pink Street Campaign, a two-day cancer awareness programme, will focus on spreading this message across the country. Day one includes an informative session with leading oncologists in the city and cancer survivors. Day two is all about beautifying the walls around the campus with creative and beautiful graffiti conveying the message of cancer prevention and a healthy lifestyle. This year, the campaign, which will travel to 30 campuses across the country, will be inaugurated in Pune at the Symbiosis School of Economics on February 3rd, 2017.

“The idea is not to go out there and talk science to students. It is more important to make them understand the root cause and how cancer can be prevented. And doing that in a creative and interactive way is even more important,” says Nimish Thakkar, CMD of Zuvius Lifesciences, an integrated, research-based Pharmaceutical Company focused on super-speciality products. The Mumbai-headquartered company specialises in chemotherapeutic formulations offering a diverse array of innovative solutions and therapies, each of which plays an important role in providing solace and comfort to people. Zuvius also has a deep commitment to its CSR campaigns. In 2015, the company initiated an all-India cancer awareness in campuses, along with cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Foundation.

The simplest way of conveying ideas is through pictorial representation. And that is why Zuvius has joined hands with the artists’ collective Canvas Tree to spread the message of prevention of cancer and information about healthy lifestyle through creative expressions on the biggest canvas—the walls!

Let’s paint the message of awareness. Together, we can help beat cancer.

#PinkStreet #KnowCancerToNoCancer

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