Neutrazeutica Products

A quality basket of nutraceuticals and phytochemicals that fits your RDA requirements.

Product Description

The importance of nutrition in cancer care is imperative. And Zuvius understands this. That’s why the company came up with a unique range of Nutrazeutica basket offering specialized nutraceuticals and phytochemicals that helps in meeting RDA recommended dietary requirements.

Product List

Product NameGeneric NameCategoryStrengthPack
Zuvipro 60% Protein(Vanilla , Strawberry,Butterscotch)Protein PowderNutraceutials Therapy60% Protein200 Gms, 1 Kg
Zuvipro Life 40% Protein(Vanilla)Protein PowderNutraceutials Therapy40% Protein200 Gms, 1 Kg
SST – Saliva Stimulating TabletsSaliva Stimulating TabletsNutraceutials Therapy200MG30 Tablets, 60 Tablets
Glutox T
Nutraceutials Therapy15Gm/20Gm
Glutox AG
GlutamineNutraceutials Therapy15Gm/20Gm
Zuvipro D(Strawberry)Protein Supplement
Nutraceutials Therapy200GM 200Gm, 1kg

Range of

“Our yardstick of success being the glow of health on everyone’s faces “

In Redefining Health, what makes us unique, is widest range of high quality products in oncology segment covering rarest forms of Cancer at affordable cost. Our portfolio of Oncology is well supported by Supportive therapy (nutraceutical products), which goes step beyond normal standard products