• As Chemo-preventive agent
  • As an adjunct in patients undergoing cancer therapy or other therapies
  • Boost immunity, rejuvenate and restore gut health

VITALINA is a natural immunity boosting and gut health formulation containing Spirulina Extract (Phycocyanin) and Corn Dextrin Soluble Fiber. Phycocyanin is an antioxidant that has been shown to induce cell apoptosis in vitro in a number of cancer cell lines. An immunity booster, it is suitable to be used as an adjunct to cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation, which helps fight cancer. VITALINA may also be used to ease the negative impact of therapy during treatment as well as help the body revive and rejuvenate post-treatment. Phycocyanin (PC) is one of the main pigments of the algae Spirulina and is a rich source of antioxidants. PC is a protein from the phycobiliprotein family characterized by its intense blue color and its structure consists of protein and nonprotein components known as phycocyanobilin. PC acts as an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals that could damage cells and bring about mutations to cause cancer. PC food grade is generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

PC has been shown in in-vitro and in-vivo studies to have anti-tumoral properties. Many in vitro studies on Leukemia, Prostate, Liver, Colon, Breast, and Cervical cancer cell lines have shown PC to induce cell apoptosis, prevent multi-drug resistance, and act as a photosensitizer during radiation treatment. Researches have proven that PC can help in boosting the body’s innate immunity. It has been reported that diverse drugs and radiation may combine with phycocyanin to kill human cancer cells.


PC has been shown to promote phytohemagglutinin stimulated lymphocyte transformation, in recovering the E-rosette forming ability of T cell (after damaging by cyclophosphamide), and significantly improve the number of antibody-forming cells. In vivo and in vitro apoptosis mechanism of MCF-7 cells showed that C-PC can enhance the proliferation of immune organs and immune cells.

Fiber is one of the essential components of a balanced diet. Cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation therapies suffer from constipation as treatment side effects, changes in diet, not drinking enough fluids, and being less active.

The fiber incorporated in VITALINA is corn dextrin, a purified glucose polymer processed by heating wheat starch at high temperature, adjusted to a low moisture level in the presence of an acid catalyst. Clinical trials have confirmed that it undergoes partial digestion and fermentation, acting as a substrate to gut microbiota thus increasing the biomass. The fiber-rich Corn Dextrin, if combined with a probiotic may help cancer patients restore their gut and immunity.

Each 5 g VITALINA sachet contains

  • Spirulina extract (Phycoyanin)
  • Corn dextrin (soluble fiber)


Phycocyanin has antioxidant, anti-tumoral, chemo-preventive, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It Induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) in many types of common cancers. Phycocyanin has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer metastasis (spread). It helps prevent multidrug resistance. Phycocyanin acts as a photosensitizer and Immune system modulator that helps boost the body’s innate (self) immunity by increasing the number of T-cells and antibody-forming cells. Phycocyanin has also been shown to have hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and Neuroprotective properties in in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies.

Corn dextrin

The diet consumed by cancer patients is usually soft and does not contain a good amount of fiber which affects the retention and efficacy of the given probiotic. Hence, consuming the fiber in the form present in VITALINA can be effective in probiotic therapy in cancer treatment and can effectively help cancer patients to restore their gut health and immunity.


In vitro and In vivo studies (in animals and humans) have demonstrated the prebiotic effects of corn dextrin. The studies show significant improvement in the gut health of the individuals after supplementing corn dextrin soluble fiber along with the diet.

Upon oral administration, Phycocyanin suffers degradation in the gastrointestinal tract and metabolites of lower molecular weight than Phycocyanin are involved in the observed pharmacological effects.

  • As Chemo-preventive agent
  • As an adjunct in patients undergoing cancer therapy or other therapies
  • Boost immunity, rejuvenate and restore gut health

1 to 2 sachets recommended daily or as directed by the Physician. VITALINA should be taken after meals (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner). Up to 5 sachets can be consumed in a day safely.


Empty contents of each sachet in 200ml water of water or juice of choice. Stir well till completely dissolved and consume immediately.

This product may not be appropriate to the persons suffering from any thyroid condition, an autoimmune disorder, gout, kidney stones, phenylketonuria (PKU), or are pregnant or nursing mothers. (See CONTRAINDICATIONS).



Concern over using blue-green algae during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not clearly defined in humans. However, numerous animal studies indicated that Spirulina consumption during pregnancy and lactation did not induce signs of maternal intoxication.

Phycocyanin is a natural pigment-protein isolated from a marine alga. It is nontoxic and noncarcinogenic. A comparison of the results of related literature, along with rat chronic toxicity test results, showed that natural Phycocyanin exerts no oral toxicity and thus is nontoxic. Numerous toxicological studies conducted on Spirulina and its extract components have demonstrated that water extracts of Spirulina or C-PC are safe as well. Only very rare, single-case events of adverse incidences associated with consumption of Spirulina have been reported

Whether combined with antitumor or anti-inflammatory drugs, C-PC can enhance therapeutic effects, minimize side effects and toxic reactions, and reduce drug dosage.

Any negative drug interactions not well documented.

Studies have evaluated safety regarding anticoagulant activity and platelet activation during daily consumption of an aqueous Cyanophyta extract (ACE), containing a high dose of phycocyanin. The dose of 2.3 g ACE per day (equivalent to 1 g phycocyanin) was chosen based on the evaluation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration where 1 g/day phycocyanin is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).


Pure Natural Phycocyanin as present in VITALINA should not pose any contraindications to the use of this product. However, it is suggested that people with allergies to seafood, seaweed, and other sea vegetables should avoid spirulina or its extract components (see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS).

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

Each VITALINA sachet of 5 g.

10 sachets in one carton.

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