Manufacturing Facilities

An organization’s capabilities and intent are strongly reflected in the product range it manufactures. The manufacturing competencies and facilities echo the extent of R&D and the ability to implement it for the best. At Zuvius Lifesciences, our manufacturing strengths establish it as a producer of world-class oncology formulations and a major supplier of its range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. When it comes to manufacturing products, we live by certain standards.

In redefining health, we hope to redefine customer satisfaction as well. We want people to know that for them, we’ll try harder, we’ll go that extra mile, never stopping, even for a moment, in our dedicated quest. Customer satisfaction that’s par excellence is our motto – be it in our products, our services, our manufacturing facilities or in our ethos.

We are constantly creating and improvising our products and Upgrading Manufacturing Facilities. What’s more, we remain ever alert to the changing trends and needs of the pharma industry. As we get better, we make lives better too.


Zuvius has erected a WHO GMP-approved facility dedicated to manufacture a wide range of anti-cancer products that include tablets, capsules and injections- liquids and lyophylised and anticancer API’s.

We also have a WHO-GMP dedicated plant for hormonal and biological products along with a WHO-GMP dedicated cephalosporin plant with a separate beta-lactam facility. Zuvius also has forged a strong global presence with established strategic tie-ups in Africa, Latin America & South-East Asia.


We strive to provide customers with quality products that exceed their expectations.

We achieve this through our Quality Assurance program developed to ensure continuous validation and improvement in all areas of the manufacturing process. The depth of experience, capabilities, knowledge of our technical professionals, and advanced scientific analytical instruments ensures that a world-class quality of the final product reaches our customers.


We have a WHO-GMP-approved facility, dedicated to the manufacturing of anticancer products (tablets, capsules and injections- liquids and lyophylised) and anticancer API’s.

WHO-GMP dedicated plant for hormonal and biological products, and our production and manufacturing units ensure quality products are manufactured at all the time across all manufacturing batches. Our team ensures optimum production capacity is utilized at all the time without compromising quality.