When it comes to manufacturing products, we live by international standards

We are constantly creating and improvising our products and Upgrading Manufacturing Facilities. What’s more, we remain ever alert to the changing trends and needs of the pharma industry. As we get better, we make lives better too. We have a WHO GMP-approved facility and a global presence with established strategic tie-ups in Africa, Latin America & South-East Asia.

  • We have a WHO-GMP-approved facility, dedicated to the manufacturing of anticancer products (tablets, capsules and injections- liquids and lyophylised) and anticancer API’s.
  • A WHO-GMP dedicated plant for hormonal and biological products.


  • Bulk Drug Manufacturing Facility.
  • Dedicated sterile area for the production of sterile bulk drugs.
  • Separate area for manufacturing oncology API’s as per schedule M.
  • Upto 300 litre SS reactor assembly.
  • Upto 150 GLR 2 Nos.
  • 100 Lit Glass reactor 4 Nos.
  • 50 Lit Glass reactor 1 Nos.

Our world-class manufacturing facilities includes two dedicated oncology sites, one dedicated plant for biosimiliar and one dedicated plant for nutraceuticals.

Sr. No. Manufacturing Sites Products Production Capacity
1. Baddi Anticancer Exclusive i) Tablets :62400000
ii) Capsules : 3120000
iii) Lyophilised Inj : 1440000
iv) Liquid Inj: 3360000
2. Mumbai Anticancer Exclusive i) Tablets : 21000000
ii) Capsules : 31200000
iii) Lyophilised Inj : 21840000
iv) Liquid Inj (Vials & Amp.): 16800000
v) Powder Inj: 4500000
3. Ahmedabad Biosimilars Filgrastim PFS, Peg Filgrastim PFS
4. Mumbai Nutraceuticals Various range of nutraceutical products.


  • Product Range includes : Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Injection, Lyophilized Injection, Powder for Injection, Ampoules in oncology, Biosimiliars & Nutrition products.
  • Dedicated Lyophilizers for Anticancer Formulations. Stringent Quality Controls are adapted.