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Zuvius Lifesciences is a leading Indian Pharmaceutical company committed to conceiving the highest-quality medicines for cancer patients in need. It is an integrated research-based organization specializing in chemotherapeutic formulations. The first choice for healthcare providers and patients across the globe, Zuvius is reckoned for its quality and commitment.


Built with a vision of making affordable cancer care accessible across the globe, the company has curated a range of 140+ high-quality anti-cancer medicines that reach out to patients in Africa, Latin America, CIS, and South-East Asia. Backed by some of the finest talents of the pharmaceutical industry, Zuvius stands strong in building a legacy of delivering innovative solutions and therapies that would, one day, change the perception of cancer.

The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origin there.

— John Doe Molicere

CMD Message

Nimish Thakkar MD Zuvius Lifesciences

Nimish Thakkar

Taking the world from ‘Know Cancer to No Cancer”

Zuvius exhales a promise of hope that one day the world will be cancer-free. And we believe, we have a big role to play in turning that dream into a reality. We have built this organization brick by brick on one single foundation – to help people fight cancer with access to quality medicines. Perhaps, access to timely diagnosis and quality medicines is all that’s needed to save a million lives each year!!!

Even today, less than 30% of low-income countries have access to cancer treatment services. And only 14% of cancer patients have access to palliative care. We want to change these dynamics; cancer treatment should be accessible and available to all.
In over a decade’s time, we have earned a specialization in chemotherapeutic formulations. Today, we manufacture the widest range of anti-cancer drugs in the country. Keeping up the pace, we are venturing into supportive therapy and nutraceuticals, which too plays a crucial role in bringing solace and comfort to cancer patients.

In this honest quest of eradicating cancer, each person associated with us, the partners, employees, stakeholders, and investors have made an enduring contribution that shall never be forgotten. They have shared our vision of a cancer-free world, trusted us with our potential, guided us along the way, and most importantly stood by us through the highs and lows of this ride.


To create a holistic portfolio of quality cancer care that encompasses every aspect from early diagnosis to treatment to palliative care!


Steering towards a world where cancer is just another disease, treatable and curable!


Zuvius respects the dignity of each patient. It’s their quality of life with cancer and post-cancer that matters the most to us. That’s why everything we do imbibes the values of honesty, integrity, quality, commitment, and transparency.

Industry Leadership

Zuvius is pioneering the road to better cancer care with an unmatched portfolio of high-quality anti-cancer drugs. The company is headed towards creating a unique basket of innovative and natural solutions for palliative care with supportive therapies and nutraceuticals while upholding its position as a specialized manufacturer of chemotherapeutic formulations.


Back to where it all began

With a paltry initial capital, a 19-year-old lad started a medical distribution company in 1995 named Nimish Medical Services that catered to generic medicines covering the central suburbs of Mumbai.

Growing branch by branch

Slowly and steadily, Nimish Medical Services bloomed. It ventured into newer segments – Immunology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Neurology, Nephrology and finally – Oncology.

Monopoly is the game

By 2004, the firm earned monopoly in distributing high-end medicines of this niche segment.  By this time, the company added two more jewels, Mrs. Alka Chavan and Mr. Shailesh Shetty.

The bigger calling

Life was good and business flourishing. But the team felt the quiver of a bigger calling! They stepped up to set a pharmaceutical company of their own and that marked the birth of ‘Zuvius Life Sciences’.

To new beginnings

Zuvius was built on the foundation of ‘quality care for cancer patients’. We started with a single product and in less than a year, we sprawled across Pan India with a full-fledged team of 28 employees. With great growth came greater responsibilities.

Hitting rock bottom

Zuvius faced a huge crisis that led to crippling loss amounting to crores. A major delay in delivery led to hefty salaries and huge expenses. When stocks arrived, the sales fizzed. The dead stocks lied unsold at various points across the country. With heavy pay outs and zero inflows, Zuvius started to sink.

Falling further apart

We still remember the date, 30th March 2008. Our heart sank as we pulled the shutters down, thinking it was the end we never saw coming. But with a dim gleam of hope, the three of us gathered the grit for one last shot!


We called back all the dead stocks from different points and sent out post-dated cheques as refund. Our only hope at that point was to recover the money by selling off the stock.

Resurrecting from the ashes

Our credibility in the industry helped us in picking the pieces. Nimish handled the sales in West India and Alka took over the East. Sailesh stayed back to uphold the pillar once again.

It was a harrowing but fulfilling experience. Nimish and Alka allied with distributors from different zones and soon they had the cash flowing in. At the bottom of the abyss, they found a new beginning.

The hard work and integrity displayed by the team earned them respect and trust within the industry circle. Zuvius also tucked another feather in the cap with notable research scientist Dr. Ulhas Ganu becoming a part of the core team. In due time, Zuvius became the most respected brand of oncology medication in India.

Growing out and abound

Once, the company strengthened its foothold in the industry there was no looking back. They increased the product range, launched several new molecules for the first time, and continued rigorous research on cancer treatment.

By 2015, they had built a portfolio of 70+ anti-cancer drugs. And their dream of building global access to cancer care started to take form. Zuvius registered its products in many countries covering Africa, Latin America, CIS, and South-East Asia.

Today, Zuvius is actively invested in research and development of life-saving drugs against cancer. It is making new strides in supportive therapies and nutraceuticals that adds value to the quality of life. And above all, Zuvius is embracing its dream by spanning across borders reaching out to people in need.

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