Manisha Koirala – A Warrior & An Inspiration

True beauty never really fades away. It may wear down with the tides of time but will always remain a source of joy and comfort.

Manish Koirala is one such beauty. After a stint with cancer she has come out of it totally unscathed and the beautiful Manisha is as gorgeous as ever bubbling with the joy of living and this time living it in the right way.

This Bollywood beauty and superstar made her debut in the huge block buster, star studded “Saudagar” and gently breezed into the hearts of millions with “1942- a love story.” She moved out of the lime light and normal life when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. After extensive and appropriate treatment, today, three years later she is happy to announce to the world that she is cancer free!

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When asked about cancer Manisha quipped

“Cancer is not the dreaded disease that Bollywood movies portray”. With early detection, right treatment and a strong support system healing is possible and complete. She is living proof that you can beat cancer!

Manisha calls being cancer free a “rebirth”. She both learnt and unlearned a lot. Her maxim is “when you have no choice but to face it you will do it” and for her tough days are eye openers.

Now Manisha Koirala is a strong, positive, vibrant and happy woman for whom the journey of cancer was a path of experience. She prefers to call the different phases of her life as the different colours of existence. Cancer never broke her spirit; instead it has made her passionate about the small joys of life. She has plenty of dreams and a whole life before her to fulfil them all.

The face we saw and loved on screen as an actor is now a face that inspires consoles and comforts. She is part of many organizations working for the promotion of women’s rights, protection of the girl child and prevention of human trafficking.

As an active social worker Manisha’s celebrity status and personal story help her in educating others who battle cancer and she is actively involved in spreading awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection, dispelling myths, discarding stigmas attached to it and motivating people to fight cancer with a positive outlook.

For actor Manisha Koirala her greatest strength is her belief that being positive in life is the best way to face life. She beat cancer and nothing is more relevant than that.

And now Manisha Koirala has joined hands with Cricketer Yuvraj Singh who also fought to beat cancer and together they have pepped up millions of people by asserting