SST Tabs

SST Tabs

Saliva Stimulating Tab

Strength: 200mg

Pack Size: 1 x 30 / 1 x 60

Drug Class: Cholinergic agonists

Dosage and Administration:

Keep 2 tablets in the mouth, one either side. 3-5 times or as required or as suggested by qualified health professionals. SST tablets helps in secretion of saliva through taste buds when secretion is impaired but when functioning gland tissues are still present.

Cold Storage: yes

SST Tablet is Orange coloured uncoated tablet. The tablet works through the taste buds to stimulate the salivary glands. SST is formulated to support the natural protection of teeth given by saliva so that no damage occurs to the teeth with repeated used of the tablets.

  • Pleasant Taste
  • Stimulates Flow of natural Saliva
  • Relieves Dryness of Mouth
  • Disrupts Bacterial cells
  • Reduce bacterial Adhesion to adhere to each other & to the teeth
  • SST Reduces Production of Acid
  • Proven to be the Most Effective poly Alcohol at reducing Tooth Decay
  • Prevented Fraction for Dental Caries: Xylitol Superior to Sorbitol (58.66% VC. 20.01%)
  • Recommended the supplement that effectively fulfills the nutritional demands when nutrition is adequate.
  • After Surgery
  • After Chemotherapy


Place 1 or 2 tabs in cheeks, one on either side. Suck them. 3 to 5 times a day or as directed by your Doctor.

SST is used for the stimulation of saliva production when secretion is impaired and potentially functioning gland tissue is still present. The tablet works through the taste buds to stimulate the salivary glands.

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose

To be taken orally.