Story Of A Brave Heart And A Cancer Survivor: An Interview With Archna Kapoor

Zuvius What were the circumstances that made you decide to go for a checkup?

Archna: I noticed one node in my neck and immediately I decided to get all my checkups done.

My husband and I consulted our family doctor and all the cancer-related checkups were done. I was diagnosed with third stage advanced renal carcinoma.

ZuviusHow did you decide which hospital / doctor you should go to for further treatment?

Archna: We decided MAX SAKET is best for this treatment. Dr. Harit Chaturvedi advised the immediate removal of the left kidney. The surgery was done within two days.

Zuvius:  What was your immediate response on learning you had cancer?

Archna: I got upset and was shocked to hear it. It felt like all of my senses had gone.

Zuvius: Who was the first person you called to tell about your diagnosis?

Archna: I gathered everyone in my family together and broke the news to them.

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Zuvius:  Who and what kept your spirit up, gave you the strength and confidence to go through this difficult phase of treatment without losing hope?

Archna: My family especially my kids and my friends. They all were my source of energy. They always boosted up my moral and kept my hopes alive.

 Zuvius  What were the physical changes seen in yourself, in your daily life and how did you cope with those?

Archna: I got very weak after my surgery and chemotherapy but I tried to think positively that everything will be fine.

ZuviusWhat is the first thing you decided to do after you were declared cancer free?

Archna: I wanted to go out with my kids for a ride, drive my car by myself to Sai Baba Temple.

ZuviusDid having cancer change your perspective on life, things around you?

Archna: Yes I did notice a little bit of a change in my thoughts, but not in a remarkable way. I had a weaker immune system so I used to take more care about even little things and for my kids as well.

ZuviusDid it affect the lives of people around you? If so how?

Archna: Yes it did. I was always the one who ran about taking care of every little need of my family and loved cooking for them but then I got stuck in one room and my kids had to take care of their studies and cooking and everything else.

I always felt bad that I am ill but soon after my third chemo I started doing my household chores for my family and kids and felt happy.

ZuviusWhat were your conceptions about cancer before and after the treatment?

Archna: Everyone should care for themselves.  We should not ignore even the little symptoms of our body. It could be alarming for our lives.

ZuviusIf asked to say something to motivate cancer victims what would you say?

Archna:The best thing is to be positive and think positively in every manner and remind yourself every moment that – I AM GOING TO BE OKAY SOON AND I AM FINE. BE POSITIVE